13x6 (Mag Style)
Alfa GTV
15x6 (Mag Style)
Subaru Impreza
15x7 EV2000
Chevrolet Camaro
15x8 (Mag Style) (Trans Am)
BMW Cooper S
16x7 EVJ wheel
15x6 (Mag Style)
Lotus Elan
13x5 (mag style peg drive)
16x7 EV2000
Ford Escort MkII
13x8 (mag style)
Mitsubishi L200
16x7 MOR
Lancia Fulvia
14x6 (Sports)
Mazda Miata
15x6.5 (sports)
15x6 (front), 15x7 (rear) (Mag Style)
Volvo PV 544 Sport
15x5.5 (Mag Style)
Volvo P1800 ST1
15x5.5 (Mag Style)
Lotus Elan Racer
15" Peg-Drive
Triumph TR6
Triumph TR6 kindly submitted by Takis of Badgemania in Greece
Spyder 550
15" Minilite
Ford Escort - RS1800 (POO 504R)
This cherished registration is a Ford 'works' number from the Boreham days, used on cars driven by Hannu Mikkola, Timo Makinen, Ari Vatanen and Russell Brookes in the late 70's. The links with the works team, and POO 504R, continue. The owner was part of the successful 1982 Burmah Castrol team of 1982, which included Hannu Mikkola. The owners choice of 6, 7 and 8" magnesium Group 4, Minilites, remain in superb condition
Red MGB owned and driven by our USA Main Dealer, Mr John Targett.
Monte Carlo Mini
A classic picture of the winning car in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1967, driven by Raouno Aaltonen accompanied by Henry Lidden
Mercedez from Manilla, on Magnesium Minilites. MMMM!
This is a beautiful 1976 W115 Mercedes Benz Sedan running on Minilite 14 x 6 Magnesium wheels, which were fitted in the 1980's. The proud owner is Jeffrey Co from Manilla in the Phillipines, who has kindly supplied this photograph. Thanks Jeffrey!
American Sports Racer
A very impressive picture supplied by 'Main Street Motor Sport' of the USA
Audi Quatro 9 x 15
A great new Audi fitment developed with AM Cars Ltd. You can get them on 01460 55001
Daves Chally
Dave Robson's Dodge Challenger, fitted with new Minilites. 10 x 15 rears and 8 x 15 fronts. This is becoming a popular fitment for Chally enthusiasts.
BUZBY- Fully Restored!
Beautifully restored by 'John Wood', this is a former BT sponsored car driven by Pentti Arikkala. The fronts are 8 x 13 and the rears are 9 x 13
Stunning- Europa 52
Dennis Overgard Nielson is the proud owner of this 1970 Lotus Europa 52, fitted with new 13" 'Minilite' wheels, in 'anthracite'. colour with hi-lite rims. The 6.0" rears and 5.5"fronts were supplied by our Danish Distributor 'Bruno Hansen Motorsport'.