Welcome to the 'Iconic Minilite'

The original Minilite wheel, was probably the most successful competition wheel of the 1960’s and 70’s. As the name suggests, it was originally developed as a magnesium competition wheel for the then revolutionary new Austin ‘Mini’, but its instant success meant that it was soon to be seen on many of the serious race and rally cars of that era. A new iconic style was born, and to this day, all genuine Minilite wheels are made to that original classic design. Manufactured exclusively at our premises in the UK, Minilite wheels are ‘Low-Pressure’ die cast, in high grade aluminium alloy; machined on the latest CNC equipment, 100% pressure tested, and finally powder coated for maximum protection against the elements.

Originally conceived for race and rally, demand soon grew for road car applications, and has remained so ever since. Minilite wheels are available in a wide range of fitments for most historic and classic cars. Genuine Minilite is a timeless style that will always be in fashion.

For the authentic look of the 60’s, meeting all current regulations; our product is the only choice for the serious Classic Car Enthusiast and Historic Racer.

Serious Classic Competition

A visit to any one of the classic car competition meetings held in the UK will reveal that many of the competing cars, and most of the front runners, are shod with genuine ‘Minilite’

Wheels intended for competition use are fitted with special steel competition inserts. Here we see two vehicles fitted with Genuine Minilite wheels, prepared for top level Competition by:
‘PREPFAB’ Motorsport Engineering.

For more information on the ‘PrepFab’ facilities, expertise and product range, visit: www.prepfab.co.uk

Probably the most imitated of all wheel designs, but there is only one ‘Genuine Minilite’